DEALER POSES: Photographed and Remembered solo exhibition — IG Bildende Kunst — Vienna 2019

The drug dealer in Europe and much of the rest of the world is among the most conspicuous and enduring folk-devils. Always a contested figure with few allies, the dealer is portrayed in public discourse as at once vulgar and mythic. These are central themes of this exhibition.

Transit Räume group show — SO36 — Berlin 2018

Other Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Parks Drug Sellers solo exhibition — Kreuzberg Museum — Berlin 2017

Graphic Alchemy. Low Tide Exhibit 3 with Martin Düspohl — Eureka — California 2014

Art As Research group show — curated by Don Russell — Fine Art Gallery, George Manson University — Washington, DC 2014

Die dritte Mauer und der letzte Held / The Third Wall and the Last Hero solo exhibition — Kreuzberg Museum — Berlin 2014

Peace. Love. Insurgency. with Kenseth Armstead — Furthermore — Washington, DC — 2013