"DEALER POSES: Photographed and Remembered" solo exhibition — IG Bildende Kunst — Vienna 2019

The drug dealer in Europe and much of the rest of the world is among the most conspicuous and enduring folk-devils. Always a contested figure with few allies, the dealer is portrayed in public discourse as at once vulgar and mythic. These are central themes in Holmquist’s last solo exhibition.

"Transit Räume" group show — SO36 — Berlin 2018

"Other Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Parks Drug Sellers" solo exhibition — Kreuzberg Museum — Berlin 2017

"Graphic Alchemy. Low Tide Exhibit 3" with Martin Düspohl — Eureka — California 2014

"Art As Research" group show — curated by Don Russell — Fine Art Gallery, George Manson University — Washington, DC 2014

"Die dritte Mauer und der letzte Held / The Third Wall and the Last Hero" solo exhibition — Kreuzberg Museum — Berlin 2014

"Peace. Love. Insurgency." with Kenseth Armstead — Furthermore — Washington, DC — 2013