Last Hero (2018)
bronze and oak, approx. 210 x 80 x 80 cm — edition of 7
This sculpture is a future-monument to park drug-dealers.
Last Hero (portable version, sized to match original Rote Matrose by Hans Kies) (2018)
fiberglass, styrofoam, paint, approx. 375 x 140 x 140 cm
Mask Mix (Monument Dreams) (2018)
video installation, dimensions variable — 7:22 min.
Dealer I (2017)
steel, glass, inkjet on paper, bolts, 200 x 100 x 80 cm
This sculpture featuring the hometown and migration route of a Berlin park dealer from Welingara, The Gambia, and was part of Holmquist's Other Homelands-exhibition.
Peace. Love. Insurgency to a Last Hero (2018)
ink, laser prints and adhesive tape on paper
48,2 x 66,0 cm (sheet)
Dealer Poses (DP#11 - Ride) (2019) and
Dealer Poses (DP#16 - Hand) (2019)
inkjet and ink on paper, matboard, frame, 43 x 73 x 3 cm (Ride), 63 x 73 x 3 cm (Hand) — edition of 7
Dealer Poses is a series of twenty framed and matted photo-collages. The 184 images used in the collages comprise all of the images of alleged dealers from articles in Holmquist's Media Collection, 2017/18. The Media Collection contains over 500 articles on public drug dealing in Germany from 1994 - 2018.
Stockdealer, 2019
inkjet on paper, ink on matboard, frames, 19 parts, each: 41,5 x 31,5 x 2 cm — edition of 7
Stockdealer is a nineteen-part photo assembly made from a stock image of a group of black men in a Berlin park, first used in 2016 to illustrate press accounts on Holmquist’s intervention proposing a monument to park drug dealers.
Cieciorka Flag (2013)
silkscreen on canvas, approx. 185 x 290 cm

chronic freedom (2010)
Codex, about 1,000 pages, 49,5 x 34,3 cm — edition of 30
Hand sewn to polyethylene drip lines for cords. Tight-back covered and partially encased in calfskin attached to oak panels with titles of steel letters. In three of the book sections, fired bullet slugs have been set into niches carved into pages.
dirt (2010)
Codex, 40 pages (plus a 26 page sewn insert), 73,6 x 55,2 cm — edition of 75
Inkjet-printed, color, on adhesive paper bonded to soil and soil supplement bags, cut opened into bi-folds and side-stitched. Hand bound to rusted 1,3 cm rebar spine and covered with tent canvas and pond liner scavenged from marijuana growing operations.
light (2010)
Seven-page Scroll 71,1 x 63,5 cm — edition of 50
Silkscreen printed on foil acetate and ink-jet printed on Lexjet® terylene fabric sandwiched with reflective Mylar® and inserted into turkey oven bags. Hand bound to a custom armature spine and attached to two 1000-watt high-pressure sodium lights with glass bulbs broken away. Issued in box made of locally sourced and milled big-leaf maple, pepperwood and plywood, with a louvered ballast faceplate bent and fixed to the lid. Light bulbs and ballast faceplate were scavenged from indoor grow scenes.
Big Drug Factory — Unfound (2010)
45,7 x 33 cm, 13-page fold out book — edition of 10
Inkjet-printed, color, with a preserved original May 24, 1973 ed. of Rolling Stone. Presented in two archival-grade 4-flap enclosures with string-and-button fastenings sewn into folded book cloth, cotton twill canvas, tent canvas and leather binding.
Exoptitron (2002)
copper, wood, lenses, screen, video, approx. 150 x 60 x 70 cm
Exoptitron is part of the blind eye projects, that seek to make and promote art and media that deflect the interest of the audience and attempt to subtract stimulation.
deflective media (2001)
collage, mixed media, approx. 80 x 180 cm
blinde eye display stand (2001)
offset print on paper, wood, 89 x 47 x 30 cm
EXPOTIC FIELDS for the relief of tv and internet addiction (2001)
VHS tape - approx. 60 min.
BLIND HEAT - set your love life an fire! (2001)
with Benton-C Bainbridge, VHS tape — approx. 45 min.